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in this article we will provide full information about iptv. in this article we cover all topics about iptv.

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What Is Iptv?

iptv means is internet protocol television.it means television programs will be communicated using the internet protocol.

iptv is diffrent from satelite tv because in satelite tv broadcasters will send signals and viewers recieve them and watch what a satelite broadcast.
IPTV uses Internet protocol (IP) based network to deliver TV channels to users’ set-top box. Internet networks differ from cable and satellite by offering content through the same client-server model that renders email, websites and other Internet-based services.
cable or satelite tv broadcast tv programs at real time but iptv has capability to store the programming on server on transmitting programms,allowing user to request content over the internet any time.

How Iptv Can Works?

iptv is must simmililar like browsing the internet.it uses internet protocol so provide programs when the viewers demand any programme or request a video,video from diffrent servers will be devided in data packs sent over the internet. and you can easily watch what you demand a programmes or videos.
you can use iptv set top boxes for watch programms on tv screens.
did you ever hear about vod service(video on demand) its perdect example in present netflix,hulu,hotstar,amazon prime video,jio tv and many more service providers are here for provide you any programms at any time via internet.

Live Iptv Programms

Like broadcast TV, you can also watch shows live on IPTV. Many people watch sporting events this way; it’s easy to stream a game on your phone while you’re on the go.
Other than being broadcast over the internet instead of through traditional TV media, live IPTV is pretty much the same as regular TV.

in india you can also watch live iptv on your mobile and set top boxes through m3u files and with help of iptv apps.
if you watch indian iptv channels then click on this link given below.
To watch indian iptv channels-click here

iptv providers
While IPTV is definitely getting bigger, it’s still a pretty niche market. Services like Netflix and Hulu offer a lot of TV shows (when they can get the rights to them), and video on demand is growing quickly.
in short iptv future bright in future and people will be demand for it.then automatically all satelites and dth providers will provide iptv services.

types of iptv services

  1. Video on Demand
  2. Near Video on Demand
  3. Time-shifted TV
  4. TV on Demand
  5. Live Television
Future of iptv

IPTV has been on a continuous growth path in the last few years. The total number of worldwide IPTV subscribers has now passed the 130 million mark. The net additions of six million subscribers are the highest in last 24 months to end-2015.
IPTV gains in market share will be largely at the expense of cable, with satellite holding up quite well. Indeed satellite platforms actually gain from IPTV growth as they feed channels to the headends for distribution across the terrestrial fixed broadband infrastructure.

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Major media providers are planning to offer new streaming services to compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming heavyweights. And more traditional TV providers are allowing for time-shifted media via their apps. Even cable providers are allowing their subscribers to watch from their phones.
And now that people can create their own channels to distribute their content with ease, the amount and variety of IPTV options will be increasing quickly.
In india day by day iptv is grown and people like to watch tv channels on their mobiles and pc.many live streaming apps like jio tv,hotstar and netflix are gain popularity.
in short tv future of iptv.
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